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Thanks for visiting. Due to renos, rethinkings & c., Dear Sir, is on pause until further notice. Hiatus. Still frame. Whathave you. Submissions are therefore closed. Please check back for updates, or visit Sir's Facebook page. It's great that you made it all the way to be here, please come again.


Dear Sir, was a quarterly online journal that ran from  2010 to 2013. It was created from the want to present innovative, unconventional or emerging voices in poetry or hybrid forms. It was based around the concept of quality over quantity, and only featured a clutch of writers in each issue whose work in some way and somehow surprises.

Dear Sir, follows a minimalist layout, where the frame of the page defers to the writing within (where site is retina then writing = iris and page the sclera).

The idea for Dear Sir, came about while reading Ulysses: if magazines like The Little Review and the Egoist never took a chance on serializing Joyce's work in 1918, we may never have had it in 1922.

From issue 7 to issue 10, Dear Sir, joined forces with the Vienna Poetry School, sharing its goal of pursuing new media explorations in contemporary poetry.

Dear Sir, also goes by Sandra Huber. Please note the new email address: contact [dot] dear [dot] sir [at] gmail [dot] com


All submissions are currently closed until further notice. So that means any submissions sent from now until the time this note has been replaced with a Please Submit! note, no submissions will be read or answered. Not even if you're that good. A new call will be posted if Dear Sir, gets back up and running, all shiny and new with a spring to the comma and a bounce to the forward slash.

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